Legendary Scottish Dance Bands Volume 1 (feat. Jimmy Shand)



Legendary Scottish Dance Bands Volume 1 is a nostalgic selection of vintage tracks from the golden era of dance music in Scotland, digitally enhanced for CD. They evoke many memories and showcase some of the best bands ever recorded, and truly deserving of the title "Legendary". Jimmy Shand, Angus Fitchet, Bobby Crowe, Ian Holmes, Jim Cameron, Alasdair Downie, Bobby MacLeod, Jimmy Blair and The Strathpeffer Dance Band.

Barn Dance; Primrose Polka; Scottish Waltz; Foursome Reel; Duke Of Perth; Highland Schottische; Gaelic Waltz; Duke Of Atholl's Reel; Gay Gordons; Road To The Isles; Gaelic Airs; Lamb Skinnet; Waltz Country Dance; Pipe Marches; To The Games; Jigs; Waltz Country Dance; Highland Schottische.

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