Scottish Dances Vol 3 - David Cunningham & his Scottish Dance Band



Reels, jigs and a medley, traditional and contemporary tunes, by a band with more than half a lifetime's experience of playing together! Favourite Scottish Country dances to the brilliantly polished playing of David Cunningham & His Scottish Dance Band. A big sound from a small, tight band.

The Bees Of Maggieknockater; Shiftin' Bobbins; Alison Rose; Airdrie Lassies (J4x48); Petronella; Miss Gibson's Strathspey; Mrs Hepburn Belches Of Invermay (8x48); Alyth Burn (J8x48); The Nor Loch (M48/48); St. Andrew's Fair; The Earl Of Mansefield (R4x48); Pretty Ladies (S1x80); The Plantation Reel; MacDonald Of Sleat (J1x120).

Young David Cunningham must have been one of the few children who have ever eagerly anticipated school dinner time! However, it was not meals but music that he looked forward to, and from those lunch-break practice sessions with his friends lan and Graham grew the young but extremely experienced band recorded on this album. David started playing the accordion as soon as he was big enough to hold one, and the band which he formed in his early teens has now been together for fifteen years, during which time they have travelled throughout Britain, Ireland and Europe, and have made many T.V. and radio broadcasts. The original trio have been joined by Neil Galloway on second accordion, and by a Musical Instrument Digital Interface which creates a superbly realistic fifth instrument sound through computer programming! Tradition and technology blending to tremendous effect!

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