Sandy Nixon & his Scottish Dance Band - Luckenbooth Brooch



A CD of Scottish Country dances devised by the late John Bowie Dickson. The sparkle and sweeping flow of John's dances and the scintillating brilliance of Sandy Nixon's playing combine in a dynamic album of Scottish Country dance music at its best.

"The band has a lively, driving, bouncy sound and it certainly lifts a band to have a string bass." Box & Fiddle Magazine CD Review.

The Luckenbooth Brooch; Tak Tent; The Wind On Loch Fyne (S3x32); The Chairman; Cornet's Chase (J4x40); The Pigeon On The Gate; The Quern (S3x32); Pinewoods Reel; Marie's Farewell; The Marchmont Eightsome (R1x96); Dalry Strathspey; Christina McLellan; The Cuddy; Bauldy Bain's Fiddle; Gypsy Glen (S3x32); Bannockburn Reel; Reel Of The Puffins.

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