Scottish Dances Vol 4 - Ian Holmes & his Scottish Dance Band



An essential addition to the CD collection of all those who love dance and dance music, from Ian Holmes & His Scottish Dance Band. The legendary Ian Powrie provides fiddle, Ricky Franci (accordion), Jim Clark (piano), Willie Lowe (bass) & Drew Dalgleish (drums) join Ian Holmes on his button box.

"I'd recommend to anyone who trips the light fantastic through this feast of jiggin' tunes." Scots Magazine CD Review.

Rest And Be Thankful; Woo'd And Married And A'; Ellwyn Strathspey (S4x48); A Trip To Bavaria; The Golden Pheasant (J8x40); Ship O' Grace (S4x40); The Sound Of Harris (R8x48); Campbeltown Loch (J4x48); Thirteen Fourteen (M64/64); Corstorphine Fair (J4x40); Caddam Wood; John MacAlpin; Muirland Willie; Meg Merrilees (R8x24).

A chance encounter with an accordion in his early teens gave lan Holmes his entry into the world of Scottish Country Dance Music; his interest and innate skills soon developed, and led him to the forefront of the dance music scene with his own band.

Ricky Franci joined the band at its formation in 1962, and the two founder members are here joined by Jim Clark, Willie Lowe and Drew Dalgleish.

Guest musician on this C.D. is lan Powrie, who led his own band for many years, but since his return from Australia plays mainly as a soloist. The innovative techniques of these superb musicians have contributed much to the flourishing traditions of Scottish Country Dance music.

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