Special Requests Volume 8 - Colin Dewar Scottish Dance Band



Colin is joined by Jack Delaney on 2nd box, Judi Nicolson on fiddle, Gus Millar on drums and Stephen Provan on keyboards for a full-bodied sound with plenty of lift and swing. A couple of warm-up tracks and fifteen Scottish Country dances.

Warm Up March; Warm Up Waltz; Mrs Stuart Linnell; The Duchess Tree; Muirland Willie; The Midnight Ferry; Tribute To Drummond Cook; A Tribute To The Borders; The Minister On The Loch; Aird Of Coigach; A Reel For Davina; Anne Sheach's Strathspey; The Raven's Dance; The Outer Circle; The Shepherd's Crook; The Lochalsh Reel; Never At Sea.

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