Graham Geddes & His Scottish Dance Band - Live At The Beach Ballroom



Graham Geddes & His Scottish Dance Band celebrate their 30th anniversary with a great selection of dances - live at the Beach ballroom, Aberdeen. Twenty toe-tapping tacks of Ceilidh and easy Scottish Country dances finishing off with Auld Lang Syne.

"This is definitely one of Graham's finest recordings which you will want to listen to again & again." Box & Fiddle Magazine CD Review.

Postie's Jig; Dashing White Sergeant; Waltz Country Dance; Cumberland Reel; Reel Of The 51st Division; Canadian Barn Dance; The Duke Of Perth; Boston Two-step; Strip The Willow; Johnny Walker (M64/64); Mairi's Wedding (R8x40); St. Bernard's Waltz; Petronella; Hamilton House; Flowers Of Edinburgh; Walk On; Petronella (half length); Walk Off; Last Waltz; Auld Lang Syne.

Band line-up: Graham Geddes - accordion, Judi Nicholson - fiddle, David Little - piano, bass & keyboards, Colin Sutherland - 2nd accordion, Tommy Sutherland - drums.

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Posties Jig                                          4 x 32

Atherney Lodge; Jackson’s Jig; Joans Jig (I. MacPhail); Jarl Mathewson (Ivor Scollay).


Dashing White Sergeant                  8 x 32

Dashing White Sergeant; Greenwoodside; Come Let Us Dance And Sing; Goodnight And Joy Be With You.


Waltz Country Dance    

Come O’er The Stream Charlie; Rothesay Bay; Sound The Pibroch; My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose.


Cumberland Reel                              8 x 32

Patricia Anne Douglas (L.Ross); Dandy Dancer (J. Johnstone); Davies Brae (J. Johnstone); Stoneypath Tower (J. Johnstone).


Reel Of The 51st Division                 8 x 32

Drunken Piper; Traditional Air; He’s Aye A’ Kissin’ Me; Miss Mary Douglas.


Canadian Barn Dance

The 73rd Farewell To Colchester (Capt. C Smith).


The Duke Of Perth               8 x 32

The Duke Of Perth; The Deveron Reel (Neil Grant); George Wark (George Bell); Elegant Esther Gray (Lindsay Ross).


Boston Two-step


Strip The Willow                               8 x 32

Joan’s Jig (I. MacPhail); The Academy (J. Rule)


Johnny Walker                                  64 / 64

McPhedrans Strathspey; Mrs Blair Of Blair; Soldier’s Dance; Shandon Bells.


Mairi's Wedding                               8 x 40

Mairi’s Wedding; Peat Fire Flame; Soldier’s Joy; Babes In The Wood.


St. Bernards Waltz

Rita’s Waltz (J. Halcrow).


Petronella (full length)                      8 x 32

Petronella; Persian Dance; Lovely Polly Stuart; The Rose Tree.


Hamilton House                                8 x 32

Hamilton House  ; Major Mackie; Larry O’ Gaff; The Family Pride (L. Ross).


Flowers Of Edinburgh                     8 x 32

Flowers of Edinburgh; The Morpeth Rant; Drumleys; This Is No May Ain Lassie.


Walk on

Scotland The Brave


Petronella       (half length)               4 x 32 

Petronella; Persian Dance; Lovely Polly Stuart; The Rose Tree.


Walk off

Scotland The Brave


Last Waltz

Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen


Auld Lang Syne

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