Robert Whitehead & The Danelaw Dance Band - Dancers' Choice Vol 2



Worthy successor to Highlander Music's sell-out Dancers' Choice 1, this CD features the bright sound of the Robert Whitehead &  The Danelaw Country Dance Band playing for fifteen Scottish Country Dances chosen by dancers around the globe. New dances, new tunes and the booklet includes instructions for 8 of the dances too.

Robert Whitehead - accordion, Graeme Whitehead - 2nd accordion, Ken Park - fiddle, David Ashbridge - drums, Annie Rutherford - piano.

"A great recording with some good going tunes included." Box & Fiddle Magazine CD Review.

Dancing In 2000 (R4x40); Julian's Jig; Ghillie Laces; Bon Accord (R8x40); Widdershins; One For The Millennium (S3x48); Morpeth Rant (R6x32); King O' The Rookery; Monadh Liath; Folksy Fivesome; Muckle Burn (J5x40); The Viking Ship (M4x32/32); Bean Shea Fancy (R5x48); Two Furlongs (S6x32); The Clan Reel.

The instructions for many of these dances are available in the Highlander Book of Dances which you will find in the collection of Scottish Country Dance Books.

Maestro of the Scottish lilt and sparkle, Robert Whitehead, leaves the hills of Northumberland for a whistle-stop tour of Scottish Country Dance. With inspirational music, a great selection of dances, with instructions for some of them, this CD is surely the Dancers' Choice.

If you love dancing check out our full selection of Scottish Country Dance CDs, or Scottish Ceilidh Dance CDs.

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