Iain MacPhail & His Scottish Dance Band - From Scotland To Saitama



As usual Iain MacPhail and his Scottish Dance Band put in a superb performance for this recording. The album celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Saitama branch of the RSCDS and includes some unusual tunes from Japan.

Iain MacPhail - accordion, Brian Griffin - accordion, Isobelle Hodgson - keyboard, Judith Smith - fiddle, George Darling - drums, Alec Hodgson - vocal.

Tracks: Grand March; The Braiding Reel (R 8x32); Yaezakura Strathspey (S 4x32); On The Toe (J 4x32); On The Tow Encore (J 4x32); The Matsuri Strathspey; The Rainbow Of Saitama (J 8x32); Subarashi Saitama Strathspey (S 4x32);  Subarashi Saitama Strathspey Encore (S 4x32); Seniors Be Full Power (J 3x32); Seniors Be Full Power Encore (J 3x32); Happy Smile (R 8x32); Circle Waltz & Auld Lang Syne.

Iain MacPhail & His Scottish Dance Band play with their usual style and sophistication. You may not know these dances but you could use the music for other similar dances.

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Spelling: Iain MacPhail not Ian McPhail

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