Scottish Dances Vol 7 - Alan Gardiner & his Scottish Dance Band



Tradition, talent and an innate sense of fun from Alan Gardiner & His Scottish Dance Band. Superb musicianship & a deep appreciation of contemporary composition give this collection an extra edge. Alan with Keith Dickson (box), Richard Currie (piano), Brian Cruikshank (bass), Gordon Smith (drums).

"This band plays with great verve and panache.. Crackeen' stuff!" Scots Magazine CD Review.

The Kelpie Of Loch Coruisk (R7x32); The Flying Scotsman; Mrs Garthland's Strathspey; Mrs MacPherson Of Inveran; MacPherson's Jig; Mrs Clancy's Strathspey; Admiral Nelson (R4x64); A Kiss For Nothing; Cape Town Wedding; Old Nick's Lumber Room; The Braes Of Mellinish; Moving Cloud; Prince Of Orange (J8x16); The Punch Bowl.

The success of any young musician depends upon talent, dedication and a keen driving force. Alan came well supplied with the outstanding natural talent and dedication, but it was his parents who provided the driving force, as for seven years their faithful chauffeuring gave young Alan his early accordion opportunities. Through those early days Alan developed the tremendous talent and style which have carried him, and his band, around the world, to Indonesia, Uganda, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal..

The toe-tapping arrangements of contemporary and traditional pipe tunes set this band apart. The band's current line-up have played together for six years now; Alan's enjoyment in fronting his own band is increased by the calibre and sympathetic style of his band members. Richard, Keith and Gordon also help with the arrangements.

The verve and panache of these young musicians is equalled only by the vitality and excellence of the music they play.

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