McBain's Scottish Country Dance Band - Basingstoke Ball Live 1971



The legendary band recorded in 1971 playing many tunes that we just don't often hear in programmes these days. The historical element is enhanced by the audible crowd noise: To thousands of dancers, McBain's Scottish Country Dance Band was THE Scottish Dance Band. Dances from the early books of the RSCDS.

"This CD is an excellent complement to the book." The Box & Fiddle Magazine CD Review.

The Deuks Dang Ow're My Daddie (J8x40); Strathspeys (S4x48); Reels (R8x32); Reels (R4x32); Bonnie Lass Of Bon Accord (S1x64); Bonnie Anne (J1x96); Bonnie Anne encore (J1x96); Bratach Bana; Bratach Bana encore; Dundee Strathspey; Jack's Delight; encore; Letham Ladies (S4x40); J.B. Milne; J.B. Milne encore.

A night with McBain's Band will bring back many memories to many people, for McBain's was THE band to dance to, and for forty years they played all the major functions in London and the south of England.

From the band's inception in 1946 to its last dates in the late 1980s, the instrumental line-up remained firm, and brilliant; two fiddles, two accordions, one button box, piano, drums and sometimes a guitar.

McBain's Band provided a strong tie with home for the many Scots 'exiled' in England, and a touch of Northern exoticism for the folk of the south, who flocked to join the Scots in their dancing. The band travelled all over the south of England, and although they never played together north of the border, McBain's Band was, to many thousands of dancers, the heart and the soul of Scotland.

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