A popular gift for a child of any age is a cute cuddly toy. We have a lovely selection of soft toys from several designers including the super soft Bukowski bunny rabbits, kittens, seals and more, and the cute dolls from Wilberry Toys. The best soft toys for children's birthday and Christmas presents.
Bukowski Bears - Hedgehogs
Bukowski Brown Toy Rabbit Baby Hera front
Powell Craft Tractor Farmer Rag Doll
Farmer Rag Doll From £7.99
Bukowski Bears - Soft Toy White Kitten - Guccio
Warmies Microwaveable Plush Blue Dragon main
Warmies Microwaveable Plush Marshmallow Dinosaur main
Warmies Microwaveable Plush Marshmallow Sloth Main
Warmies Microwaveable Plush Pink Unicorn Main
Warmies Microwaveable Plush Seal main
Warmies Microwaveable Plush Swan main
Powell Craft Rag Doll Embroidered Bumblebee Dress 40cm
Wilberry Toys Pink Bear Dancer Doll front
Wilberry Toys Grey Mouse Dancers Doll WB004108
Wilberry Toys Gold Bunny Dancers Doll WB004101 side
Wilberry Toys Small Pink Doll WB001014 front
Small Pink Doll £16.99
Wilberry Toys Maisy Doll with Cat Teddy
Wilberry Toys Fairy Doll Blonde Hair WB001021 front
Wilberry Toys Dancer Mouse in Skirt WB004107 front