A popular gift for a child of any age is a cute cuddly toy. We have a lovely selection of soft toys from several designers including the super soft Bukowski rabbits, kittens and more. The best soft toys for children's birthday and Christmas presents.
Blanca Music Box - Blue
Blanca Music Box - Pink
Cuddly Toy Long Haired Rabbit
Powell Craft Tractor Farmer Rag Doll
Farmer Rag Doll From £7.99
Hoho Owl
Hoho Owl £9.95
Hubert Music Box
Little Maciek
Little Maciek £12.95
Maciek £19.95
Powell Craft Mini Rag Doll Ballerina 20cm at the Old School, Beauly, Inverness
Powell Craft Rag Doll Ballerina 40cm from the Old School Beauly, Inverness
Powell Craft Rag Doll with Pony Print Dress Medium
Bukowski Bears - Hedgehogs
Bukowski Bears - Soft Toy Kitten - Gilbert with purple bow
Bukowski Bears - Soft Toy White Kitten - Guccio
Little loke cat soft toy
Soft Toy Kitten - Loke From £12.95
Bukowski Bears - Soft Toy Monkey - Denis and Bernard
Soft Toy Monkey £24.95
Bukowski Bears - Soft Toy Seals - Sweet Hoover & Herb
Tooth Fairy Cushion - Pirate