Old Masters Volume 2 - Alex MacArthur Scottish Dance Band & The Tain Band



Alex MacArthur Scottish Dance Band / The Tain Band

Two great old dance bands provide half the tracks each for this CD on the Highlander Music label. A good selection of Scottish Country dances is enhanced by some great old tunes digitally remastered to a very high standard.

Alex MacArthur Scottish Dance Band: Highland Laddie; The Lassies O' Melrose; The Braes Of Breadalbane; The Montgomeries' Rant; Dunoon Barn Dance; Kiss Quick, My Mither's Coming; Scottish Waltz; The Wild Geese;

The Tain Scottish Dance Band: Fight About The Fireside; Seton's Ceilidh Band; Drumelzier; The Happy Meeting; Lady Sophia Anne Of Bute (R4x48); The Rothesay Rant; The Back O' Bennachie; The Jubilee Jig.

If you love dancing check out our full selection of Scottish Country Dance CDs, or Scottish Ceilidh Dance CDs.

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