From hand-painted plates and bowls from the Highlands of Scotland, to coasters made from marble and placemats with pictures of stags, to decorative table items we have an eclectic mix of Scottish and Scandinavian designs. We also have a range of food-related homewares for the kitchen or on the go.
Nordic Sea Mug With Handle
Broste Copenhagen - MUG White - Tea Time / CaffeLatte / Chocolate
Nordic Sea Mug Without Handle
Highland Stoneware Landscape Mug 425
My Hearts In The Highlands Mug
Broste Copenhagen Stoneware Black Espresso Cup
Nordic Sea Stoneware Espresso Mug
Nordic Sea Stoneware Dipping Bowl Large
Broste Copenhagen - Nordic Sea Stoneware Butter Bowl
Nordic Sea Stoneware Bowl 15 cm
Deer Coasters - stag
Deer Coasters From £3.99
Highland Stoneware Large Rectangular Plate - Sunset
Sunset Rectangular Plate From £104.00
Highland Stoneware Seascape Plate Square Medium
Highland Stoneware Seascape Mug 425
Highland Stoneware Landscape Butter Dish
Highland Stoneware Seascape Jug one pint
Highland Stoneware - Seascape Small Geo Dish
Nordic Sea Tea Pot Stoneware