Bukowski Teddy Bears of Sweden have been an important supplier for our Kids Department for many years. The Bukowski range of soft toys includes all sorts of animals including cats, dogs, seals, baby bunnies and the very popular hedgehogs. Each piece has a character based on a real person, so they really are special. They are made with super soft plush fur - perfect for cuddling whatever your age!

Bukowski Soft Toys Guardian Angel Baby Teddy Bear Blue front
Hoho Owl
Hoho Owl From £10.99
Bukowski Soft Toys Bunny Rabbit Kanini Pale Blue
Little Maciek
Little Maciek £12.95
Bukowski Soft Toys Lovely Lilla Teddy Bear front
Maciek £19.95
Bukowski Soft Toys Nobody's Perfect Teddy Bear front
Bukowski Brown Toy Rabbit Baby Hera front
Bukowski Soft Toys Bunny Rabbit Marshmallow front
Bukowski Bears - Hedgehogs
Bukowski Bears - Soft Toy Kitten - Gilbert with purple bow
Bukowski Bears - Soft Toy White Kitten - Guccio
Little loke cat soft toy
Soft Toy Kitten - Loke From £12.95
Bukowski Bears - Soft Toy Monkey - Denis and Bernard
Soft Toy Monkey From £18.99
Bukowski Soft Toys White Poodle Ulysses front
Soft Toy Poodle £21.99
Bukowski Soft Toy Ziggy Bear Orange Cat front
Bukowski Soft Toy Ziggy Bear Elephant front