Lots of fun can be had by kids of all ages with these toys and games. Most of the toys need no batteries but lots of imagination! From the amazing marble runs and skipping ropes to kites there are plenty to choose from. The best toys for Christmas and birthday presents all here in Beauly.

For pens, pencils, cases and notebooks check out our Kid's Essentials collection. Or for soft and cuddly animal friends check out our Soft Toy collection.

Ridley's 15 Trick Magic Set RID302
3D Wooden Puzzle Apatosaurus in package
3D Wooden Puzzle Gorilla in package
3D Wooden Puzzle Owl in package
ABC Wooden Blocks
Adventurer's Camping Lantern - children's toy
Metal Compass
Adventurer's Pocket Microscope
Adventurer's Pocket Folding Cutlery
Adventurer's Pocket Magnifying Glass
Adventurer's Whistle
House Of Marbles Wind-up Adventurers Torch 222106
Astrology 1000 Piece Foil Puzzle front
Bug Bingo Family Game
Bug Bingo £19.95
Bug Eye Wooden Kaleidoscope 220016  red
Butterfly Wings - A Matching Game
Cats Cradle Game
Cat's Cradle £2.50
Catapult Flyer
Memory Match Classic Children's Card Game
House Of Marbles Dino-dig Excavation Kit 222136
House Of Marbles Dino-Glo Model Kit 222133
Dogs & Puppies: A Memory Game
Dragon Kite Flying
Dragon Kite £17.99
House Of Marbles Extra Long Skipping Rope 222112