Colin Dewar Trio - The Tullich Collection



Fifteen tracks of music for Scottish Country Dancing by the incomparable Colin Dewar. Colin on accordion is joined by Alasdair McLeod on second accordion and Findlay Robertson on drums. 

All the dances are devised by Rob Sargent and many of the tunes are composed by Colin.

The Freedom Reel (R4x48); Jenny's Strathspey (S3x32); Fingal's Cave, The Storm (R4x48); Buchanan Street Strathspey (S3x32); Up & Doon The Doldenhorn (J3x32); The Spirit Of Mortlach (J4x48); Princess Street Strathspey (S3x32); One For Cabarfeidh (Rx32); The Alpine Strathspey (S2x32); Fraser Cailean Donaldson (R4x40); Union Street Strathspey (S3x32); Spinning Jenny (R4x48); Strathspey For Kenny Thomson (S3x32); The Freedom Reel (R4x48). 

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