Special Requests Volume 7 - Colin Dewar Scottish Dance Band



The usual high standard we have come to expect from Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band - on a CD with 18 tracks. On this CD Colin has used his Hohner Gola to create a slightly different sound, but the tight, swinging style is the same as ever. Colin Dewar (lead accordion), Alasdair MacLeod (second accordion), Dennis Morrison (piano), Judith Nicolson (fiddle), John Delaney (double bass) and Gus Millar (drums).

Miss Johnstone Of Ardrossan; The Nurseryman; Autumn In Appin; The Hazel Tree; Callum Dewar's Reel; Bonnie Lass Of Bon Accord; Father Connelly's Jig; Tullich Hornpipe; Orkney Reel; Sands Of Morar; Kelpie Of Loch Crouisk; Waltz Country Dance; Brisk Young Lad; Dream Catcher; Royal Deeside Railway; Strathspey (4 x 32); MacLeod's Fancy; The Inimitable Derek.

If you love dancing check out our full selection of Scottish Country Dance CDs.

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