Jim Lindsay, the accordion player from Scone, creates fabulous arrangements of new and old tunes, and borrows from Classical and Pop music to produce his sets for Scottish Dancing. His Scottish Christmas Dance Party is the biggest selling album on the Highlander Music label.

Jim Lindsay & His Scottish Dance Band - Scottish Christmas Dance Party CD front
Jim Lindsay & His Scottish Dance Band - Reel Of The Puffins CD

Jim Lindsay and His Scottish Dance Band always delight audiences with their playing and their unusual arrangements, often using classical tunes, or pop tunes to ring the changes.

Born and bred in the Kingdom of Fife, Jim started to play the accordion at the age of 6. Having a number of uncles who were accomplished pipers, and parents who were keen Scottish Dance band listeners, it was inevitable that he would become steeped in traditional Scottish music from an early age. Becoming Scottish Accordion Champion in the early 1970s while still a teenager established him as a top band musician working with most of the legendary names from the golden era of Scottish Dance music. Over the intervening 40 years plus Jim has consistently been one of the most respected and in-demand musicians on the dance band scene. You will find him on the credits for countless recordings and he has played at every significant Scottish dance event across the UK with one band or another.