I Love A Lassie Jewellery Antique Lace Silver Bangle With Lace Drop
Bird's Nest Yellow Gold Twig Bangle I love a Lassie Jewellery
I Love a Lassie Jewellery, made in Scotland, Bird's Nest Sterling Silver Twig Bangle With Pine Cone
Bird's Nest Sterling Silver Twig Cuff
Knotted String Yellow Gold Looped String Bangle
Knotted String Sterling Silver Looped String Bangle
Modjool Click Bangle selection
Modjool Pop Dangle Bangle
Happiness Message Bangle
Secret Message Bangle - Luck
Joma Jewellery Story Bangle - Clarity
Joma Jewellery Story Bangle - Courage
Joma Jewellery Story Bangle - Optimism