Bobby Brown & The Scottish Accent - TAC 50th Anniversary Collection



Bobby Brown and the Scottish Accent celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Teachers Association of Canada, playing music for the Scottish Country dances featured in the anniversary book. Fourteen tracks from the great sounding six-piece band.

The Thistle & The Maple Leaf (1x128J); The Spirit Of The Dance (8x32S); TAC 50 (1x64H); The Fireside Lounge (5x32S); Sutherland Salute (8x32J); Gold And Silver (8x32S); Highlander’s Farewell (8x32R); Dancing For Pleasure (3x40S); Stooges Salute (128M (64S+64R); A Summer Meeting (3x32S); Joanie’s Hornpipe (8x32H); A Tribute To Peter McBryde (3x32S); The Source (8x32S); TAC’s Hospitality (8x32R).

Bobby Brown - accordion, Kathy Fraser-Collins - piano, Lair Brown - 2nd accordion, Rob Wolanski - bass & acoustic guitars, Don Wood - bass guitar, Fred Collins - drums.

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"I have had the privilege of working closely, especially with Bobby and Lisa, on this project and I can attest to the professionalism that we have come to expect from this group. Thank you Bobby, Lisa and the band for this wonderful piece of work. You keep our hearts light and lift us off our feet." Ian Souter, Chairman T.A.C. 2006-2008 

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