Eco Bath provide a lovely range of toiletries, brushes and sponges, all with a clear ethical and environmental policy. They test nothing on animals and try to ensure no animals are harmed in the production of the items. They use natural, sustainable products wherever possible.
Eco Bath London Organic Soap On A Rope - Apricot
Eco Bath Epsom Salt Bath Soak - Relaxing
Eco Bath Bamboo Hair Drying Wrap
Eco Bath London Natural Sisal Massage Hand Brush
Eco Bath London Flax Massage Glove main
Eco Bath London Bamboo Bath Pouf White
Eco Bath Natural Black Pumice Stone With Rope and label
Reflexology Foot Massager
Eco Bath London Moisturising Gloves Pair ECOB123
Eco Bath London Moisturising Socks Pair ECOB122 together
Eco Bath London Hand-made Olive & Bay Soap
Eco Bath London Natural Sea Sponges
Natural Sea Sponges From £14.99
Eco Bath London Natural Soft Bristle Body Brush ECOB019 close-up
Eco Bath Natural Pumice Foot File