A superb Scottish Dance Band from Perth-shire with plenty of life and lift in their music. They play both Scottish Country dance and ceilidh music at dances all over the country. They have recorded three CDs on our Highlander Music label here in Beauly.
Ian Hutson Scottish Dance Band - Dashing White Sergeant CD HRMCD101-
Ian Hutson & His Scottish Dance Band - The Silver Milestone CD front cover
Ian Hutson & His Band - Memories Of Jim Johnstone CD
Ian Hutson - Let's Celebrate - CD

Were it not for the obvious talent and dedication to the development of a specific musical style, the background of Ian Hutson's musical career might lead one to suspect other reasons for the jauntiness of his playing. Off to accordion lessons aged six, he carried his box in a McEwen's Export poly bag! Then, aged sixteen, he was about to give up the accordion when, at a local inn "I discovered you could play the box and get free drink and get paid. What a discovery that was!"

The other major influence in his young life was the music of Jim Johnstone, in whose band Ian was later to play, and to meet Gordon the drummer. Isobel also played with Jim, and was headhunted by her old friend Ian because her playing suits his style  so well. Alistair, Mark and Neil are old friends too, from the festival circuit…and just the occasional session at the bar! Dedication, inspiration and a certain laid-back air give Ian and his pals the perfect character for a top-notch ceilidh band.