Scottish Dances Vol 2 - Neil Barron & his Scottish Dance Band



Neil Barron & His Scottish Dance Band are a full 6-piece band with Alastair Wood on second accordion, Marie Fielding on fiddle, Gordon Smith on drums, Pam Wilkie on piano, and Doug Cargill on double bass. An addition of tradition to the C.D. collection of all those who love dance and dance music.

The sets, for jigs, reels, strathspeys and a medley, feature traditional and contemporary tunes including four of Neil's own compositions.

The Black Mountain Reel; Postie's Jig; Alltshellach; The Buchan Eightsome Reel (R10x40); Miss Allie Anderson; The Duchess Tree; Bonnie Anne (J1x96); J. B. Milne; Schiehallion; None So Pretty (R8x40); The Moray House Of Edinburgh (J4x48); Dalkeith's Strathspey; West's Hornpipe; Nottingham Lace (R1x96).

Tradition and quality have always been synonymous with the products of Scotland, and these attributes distinguish one of our most popular 'exports', the music of Neil Barren and his band. Since its formation in 1983, as well as playing throughout the U.K, the band has been the regular guest of the St. Andrew's Societies of Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur! The tradition of the music is upheld by Neil's arrangements and compositions, and its quality is accented by the superb musicianship of the band, whose skills are gratefully acknowledged by Neil. The musicians have played with many of the top Scottish Dance bands, including that of the legendary lan Powrie, for whom Pam Wilkie played piano. This is truly an album of excellence in the Scottish style.

If you love dancing check out our full selection of Scottish Country Dance CDs.

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