Scottish Dances Vol 12 - Marian Anderson & her Scottish Dance Band



There's a twinkle in the eye and a flash of brilliance on the keys as Marian and her band give a dazzling performance of much-requested dances.

Marian Anderson's Scottish Dance Band: Marian (accordion) with Graham Bell (2nd box), Isobelle Hodgson (piano), John Sinton (bass), & Max Ketchin (dums).

"A magnificent CD for Scottish Country dance teachers and dancing enthusiasts alike with excellent tempos throughout. Marian's choice of tunes and her arrangements set your feet tapping and all of you desperate to dance."
Dance On Magazine CD Review.

"Some excellent tracks...having a string bass certainly gives a band a good dunt." Box & Fiddle Magazine CD Review.

Duke Of Atholl's Reel; Black Dance; The Dance Illustrator; Round Reel Of Eight (R1x88); New Ashludie Rant; The Queen's Bridge (R4x40); Baldovan Square (S3x32); Rakish Highlandman (J8x40); Sunlit Square (S1x64); Pulling Bracken; Lady In Red; Longwise Eightsome Reel (M32/32); Hogmanay Jig; Staffin Harvest; Father Connelly's Jig; The Mason's Apron.

This is a band renowned for style, flair, reliability, innovative expertise, charm, excitement and a certain frisson of flirtatiousness…so of course it is lead by a lady! Marian and her merry band are one of the busiest on the British circuit at the moment; the tune sets on this CD demonstrate clearly how a woman’s touch can make even the best of dances just that little bit more special.

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 Marion Anderson's Scottish Dance Band

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