Graham Geddes & His Scottish Dance Band - Let's Meet Again



Graham & his Scottish Dance band touch the vital pulse of Scottish Country dance with this treasury of lively tunes. Magnificent music. Colin Sutherland (2nd box), Hebbie Gray (fiddle), David Little (piano), Tommy Sutherland (drums).

"Cracking stuff to set the toes a-tapping and the RSCDS teachers calling." Scots Magazine CD Review.

Maxwell's Rant; Argyll's Fancy (J4x48); Let's Meet Again; Corn Rigs; The Laird Of Milton's Daughter; The Winding Road; The New Virginia Reel; The Pinewoods Two-step; The Riverside Jig; The Victory Waltz; Baldovan Reel; The White Heather Jig (J4x40); The Middleton Medley (M61/16); The Highland Rambler (R8x40).

From Aberdeen's Beach Ballroom to the St. Andrew's Ball, Bangkok, Graham Geddes and his Scottish Dance Band have played for dancers all round the world.

Twenty -one years' experience, twelve of those as resident band at the Beach Ballroom, have given the band a professional polish which shines through their music, be it Scottish Country Dance, Golden Oldies, or contemporary beat.

Now working freelance, this leading band makes many radio, television and live appearances, from London to Cairo, from Bogota to the Up Helly Aa!! So great is the band's popularity in Shetland that they have twice been invited to play with the Jarl Squad at the Up Helly Aa, a great accolade.

In the village hall, or at the Royal Albert Hall, the pithy pizzazz of Graham Geddes and his Scottish Dance Band ensures an excellent evening's entertainment.

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