At The Old School Beauly you will find books about food and cooking, mainly recipe books, of course, from a range of authors from local ones to internationally famous ones. Scottish Cooking has developed in recent years, but the traditional Scottish recipes are still popular, given a modern twist.
Food From The Fire, back to basics Scandinavian cooking.
Sue Lawrence - The Scottish Berries Bible - cookbook
Theresa Carle-Sanders - Outlander Kitchen front cover
Favourite Caravan & Motorhome Recipes front
Mary Berry - Cook Now Eat Later
Venison - The Game Larder
Favourite Scottish Teatime Recipes book front
Favourite Scottish Country Recipes book front
Favourite Children's Baking Recipes Book front
Favourite Country Soups recipe book front
Scottish Food Bible by Lady Claire MacDonald - cookbook
Scandinavian Baking: Loving Baking At Home - book
Winter Cabin Cooking - book
Tracklement's Savoury Preserves
Iain R Spink - The Arbroath Smokie Bible - book
The MacSween Haggis Bible
Emily Darcy - Inspiration For Cooks
Favourite Recipes With Scotch Whisky by Margaret Ashby - book front