Scottish Dances Vol 10 - George Meikle & The Lothian Scottish Dance Band



Traditional dance styles, traditional tunes, the bedrock of Scottish Dancing burnished to a sheen by the artistry of George and the band.

George Meikle & The Lothian Dance Band: George (accordion), Stewart Reid (fiddle), Alan Rintoul (piano/bass), George Gray (drums).

Tullyvolan; Look Aboot Ye'; Kinfaun's Castle; Crossing The Line (R6x32); The Faraway Isle (J4x48); Cambuskenneth (S1x80); The Kenora Reel; The Dancing Dominie; Spiffin; The Dunivard Reel; The Royal Wedding; Auchinellan Jig; Anniversary Reel; Equilibrium.

If George Meikle's mother had any regrets about her son growing up to be a band leader, she can definitely blame that one on the milkman! Young George took up the accordion together with his father, who was a roundsman for the local Dairy at the time! Father's poor work-worn fingers were unequal to the intricacies of the instrument, but George played on, and by the age of fourteen was playing for general dances and weddings.

After a few years on second accordion with the Strathearn Dance Band, George formed the Lothian Scottish Dance Band. Now, twenty five years later, the band's musical talents are recognized, and requested, throughout the dancing world.

One of the features which makes the Lothian Scottish Dance Band so special is their particularly close involvement with the dances, not just the dancing. Many of the dances featured on this album are by devisers with whom the band have worked a good deal. "Look Aboot Ye" is by Royal Scottish Country Dance Society teacher Alan Rintoul, who also wrote the tune... and he's the band's pianist, too!

Careful selection of the appropriate tunes, and a broad working knowledge of the Scottish Country Dance scene give the Lothian Scottish Dance Band the firm foundation upon which they build their very popular tune sets.

Much travelled, much acclaimed, the Lothian Scottish Dance Band present their latest collection for a superb evening's dancing.

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