Gifts ideas for Pets and Pet Lovers. We have tweed dog beds, tweed dog leads and collars, tin pet food bowls, books and much more in our shop in Beauly.
A Dog A Day by Sally Muir front cover
Beautiful Dogs Postcard Book front cover
Wild Olive Big Scruffy Dog Soap Tea Tree, Lemongrass and Clove Bud
Dog Easy Ear Cleaner
Dog Walker's Boot Deodoriser
Apples To Pears Gift In A Tin Travel Dog front
Dog Collar - Blue Tweed
Dog Collar - Red Tweed
Dog Collar - White Tweed
Dog Lead - Blue Tweed
Dog Lead - Red Tweed
Dog Lead - White Tweed
Wild Olive Little Scruffy Dog Soap Lavender, Tee Tree and Lemongrass
Mindfulness For Cats by Sam Hart front cover
Mindfulness For Dogs by Sam Hart - front cover
Smelly Dog Shampoo
Magnificent Moggy Tinware Cat Bowl
Tinware Pet Bowls From £13.50