Scottish Dances Vol 6 - Drummond Cook's Scottish Dance Band



New tunes, new dances.. .the same great band! Drummond Cook's Scottish Country Dance Band have been delighting Scottish Country dancers for over thirty years now. Drummond Cook (accordion) with Willie James (fiddle), Edith Cook piano/bass), Bob Masson (drums), and special guest Carol Cook (fiddle).

"A collection that no Scottish Country Dancing Club should be without." Scots Magazine CD Review.

Fisherman's Reel; The Flying Spur; Scotch Mist; Broadford Bay; The Wapenshaw; The Rose Of The North; Campbell's Hornpipe; Joie De Vivre; Mrs Milne Of Kinneff; Minard Castle (R8x40); The Frisky; Our Lady Of The Snows; Merrily Danced The Quaker's Wife (J8x40); Angus MacLeod (R2x64).

Some musicians seem born to play together, but what would you expect from the combined sounds of a fiddling motor mechanic, an ex-RAF accordionist, a Guildhall-trained pianist, a one-time Boy's Brigade drummer, and a student of the Conservatory of Music in Ohio, U.S.A.? Bedlam? Well, that's just what you do get from Drummond Cook and his band...only as a tune title, though! Drummond and his very well-known band have played together for over thirty years now, with little change in the line-up.

Trained as a violinist by his father, Drummond so loved the music he danced to at Scottish Country Dances that he determined to have his own band, and took up the accordion to give the band a strong lead sound. Drummond also composes for the band; this C D. contains some great tunes by Drummond, his pianist wife Edith, and their daughter Carol, guesting on fiddle. Strathspeys and reels by the Aberdeen fiddler Bert Murray are popular with the band too suiting their playing style.

Drummond Cook and his band featured on Grampian T.V. s first live productions, and have played in a variety of styles, but we present them here in their own favourite way as Drummond Cook's Scottish Country Dance Band.

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