Glencraig Scottish Dance Band - The Reel Party



Glencraig Scottish Dance Band - The Reel Party

Nicol McLaren and the band play some of the most popular dances, as danced at weddings, ceilidhs and reel parties. Nicol (lead accordion), Isobelle Hodgson (piano), Gordon Howe (fiddle), Neil Caul (2nd accordion), John Sinton (bass) & David Bell (drums).

"Another first class CD - here's to the next one"! Dance On Magazine.

Grand March; Reel Of The 51st Division; Hamilton House; Canadian Barn Dance; Virginia Reel; Eightsome Reel; Foursome Reel; St. Bernard's Waltz; Dashing White Sergeant; Britannia Two-step; Duke And Duchess Of Edinburgh; Glasgow Highlanders; Duke Of Perth; Postie's Jig; Mairi's Wedding.

This broadcasting band is one of the most popular throughout the UK and far beyond. The wide musical range (which is a reflection of their considerable individual talents) and a really tight band sound make them equally at home anywhere from a village hall Ceilidh to Caledonian Balls in the Middle East and Russia to RSCDS Balls from Aviemore to Australia. On this recordings they capture the mood and feeling of the traditional Reel Party. With full dance instructions, by Karin Ingram, this CD is essential for all who enjoy Reeling.

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