Scottish Dances Vol 8 - David Anderson & his Scottish Dance Band



Excellent dancing pace, lifted to a high. A band which specialises in country dance music and has a very clean, tight, yet laid-back sound with some nice arrangements. David Anderson & His Scottish Dance Band present a CD for a heady night's dancing.

"Another excellent one for the dancers and good listening too." Scottish Memories Magazine CD Review.

Mrs MacLeod; Culla Bay; Jennifer's Jig; Ellwyn's Fairy Glen; Moray Rant (S3x48); Campbell's Frolic; Chevy Chase; Lamb Skinnet; Rob Roy; Moment Of Truth; Blacksmith Of Elgin (J8x48); Miss Thompson's Reel (R5x32); Off She Goes In The North; Bolt Court (R4x48).

Should the description of David Anderson and his fellow musicians as "a tight young band" fill you with concern as to their sobriety, fret no more! 'Tight' is the appreciative professional term for the stylishly succinct, neatly-meshed manner in which this band plays. (The band do confess, however, that their favourite breakfast is a Shetland one. "This huge dram... oh, yes, and a fry up!").

David began playing Classical accordion at the age of eight, and later became involved with Scottish Dance music when he started playing for a dance class. Eight years ago he formed his own band, and the current line-up, chosen by David for their friendship as well as their talents, have been together for seven years.

The band's dedication to the traditions of Scottish Country Dance assures dancers of an excellent dancing pace, lifted to a high by the punch of cohesive musicianship. Dennis Morrison joined David in arranging the music for this C.D.; a choice of traditional tunes reflecting the band's knowledge of enjoyable dancing.

Traditionally tight, but technically temperate if not quite stylistically sober, David Anderson and his Scottish Country Dance Band present a C.D. for a heady night's dancing.

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