Brownies Blondies & Other Traybakes



Brownies Blondies & Other Traybakes is a cookbook that does exactly what it says with 65 gorgeously gooey and sumptuously sweet brownies, blondies, and traybakes, from much-loved vintage classics to modern creations. Chocolate brownies are happiness squared. The quest for the elusive BEST EVER brownie is one that never ends, it can be sprung upon you at any moment - whether eaten in the corner of a cosy cafe or to accompany your afternoon cup of tea at home, a truly fabulous brownie is something you will find yourself lusting after for years to come.

Likewise, blondies, the trendy younger sister of the brownie and the extended family of traybakes, are just as well-loved, and this genre of straightforward baking ensures goodies to suit every occasion and every day of the week. All you really need is a mixing bowl, a rectangular pan, and a hot oven to create amazing cakes that will endear you to friends and family.

Hardback 144 pages.

Approx: 17.7 x 21.6 cm.

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