9th St. Patrick's Day Celebration Festival



Rawlin's Cross, Midnight Court, At The Racket, Calando, Mary O' Regan and North Cregg between them provide plenty of Celtic-based foot-stomping fun. Each band is given three tracks, so you can really get a feel of their music.

"75 minutes worth of top-notch music." The Living Tradition Magazine.

Colleen; Reel N' Roll; Don't You Be The One; Pride Of The Springfield Road; Step It Out Mary; Carrow Clare; Lakes Of Sligo Polkas; Darling Girl From Clare; The Sibin Set; Susanna Martin; The Scairt Set; One Miner's Life; At Rest; Comes The Dawn; The Blacksmith; The Launching Of The Boat; Aidan Coffey's & Seamus Creagh's Polkas; Micho Russel's.

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