Beautiful fashion jewellery from the clever Scandinavian designers at Sence Copenhagen available online or in our shop The Old School Beauly, in the Highlands of Scotland. Their necklaces are made from gold- or silver-plated brass, or leather, and are all nickel free. You can add a charm from their collection of unique designs to create your own distinctive style.
Sence Copenhagen Raindrops Necklace Rose Quartz Matt Gold K554 detail
Sence Copenhagen Essentials Necklace Matt Silver 90cm T967
Sence Copenhagen Be Loving Necklace Worn Gold P454
Sence Copenhagen Jewellery Jasmine Necklace Glass Matt Gold K722 closed
Sence Copenhagen Jewellery Jasmine Necklace Aquamarine Matt Silver K721 closed
Sence Copenhagen Clover Necklace Rose Quartz Matt Silver 41 cm K653 detail
Jasmine Necklace Pink Jade Matt Rose Gold
Sence Copenhagen Fashion Jewellery Swirl Necklace Red Agate Matt Gold K002
Sence Copenhagen Straps Khaki Leather Necklace Matt Silver K470
Sence Copenhagen Signature Necklace Black Leather Worn Silver H794