A' the Best Again Fae Banffshire CD



Ewan Galloway & Shona MacFadyen's new CD A' The Best Again Fae Banff-shire celebrates 90 Years of Scottish Country Dancing for the local branch of the RSCDS.

13 tracks in fine style with Ewan on accordion and Shona on fiddle.

Joanna's Jig; John McLean's Reel; The Speyside Way; A Fond Farewell; The Millbank Reel; Portsoy Links; Behind The Scenes; The Moray Rambler; The Banffshire Centenarian; The Haudagain Roundabout; A Bouquet Of Flowers; Ladies Of Banffshire (4 x 32 S): Ladies Of Banffshire (3 x 32 S).

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