Ian Hutson & His Scottish Dance Band - The Silver Milestone



The new CD from Ian Hutson & His Scottish Dance Band is to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of monthly dances in the Ballintuim Village Hall. Ian is joined by Alasdair MacLeod on second accordion, Neil Dawson on fiddle, Jim Nichol on piano, Alasdair MacLeod on bassand Gordon Smith on drums. The dances include a mix of Scottish Country dances and Old Time, including a dance written by the hall's chairperson Ann Martin to mark the occasion: The Silver Milestone.

Nice To see You (R 32), Lochaber Foxtrot (2/4 March), Duthie Park (J 4x32), Mayfair Quickstep, The Falls O' Rogie (R 8x32), Glyn-Gary Swing (6/8 Marches), Lady In Red (J 5x32), Memory Waltz, Reel Of The Puffins (R 4x32), Kilmorack March (4/4 March), The Silver Milestone (J 4x32), Golden Slipper Two Step, The One O' Clock Canon (R 5x32),  Fiona's Polka, Geese In The Bog (J 4x64), Eugene Tango, Circle Of Friends (R 4x32), Gypsy Tap, Tribute To Euan (J 4x40), Circassian Circle (R 32).

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