Waffle Mask Honey



This pack contains a cotton waffle sheet and plenty of gel to cover the face, with some left over to use elsewhere on your body. The gel will moisten the skin without leaving a sticky residue. 

Honey Extract: natural moisturizing agent (NMF) hydrates and softens the skin
Royal Jelly Extract: deeply hydrates.

Avocado, Aloe, and Kiwi Extracts: provide essential nutrients and protect damaged skin.


Mask: 100% pure cotton.

DIRECTIONS: Cleanse face and apply gel to even out the skin texture. Gently unfold the sheet and apply to your face. Leave on for 20 minutes and discard. Lightly tap your skin until remaining essence sinks in. No need to rinse.

TIP: Do not forget to use the remaining gel serum in the pouch!

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