Through The Years With Bobby Brown And The Cape Breton Symphony Fiddlers



Through The Years With Bobby Brown And The Cape Breton Symphony Fiddlers is a superb CD of music from the Scots and Cape Breton fiddle traditions. Bobby Brown & The Scottish Accent band and some of the finest fiddle players from Cape Breton. The fiddlers include John Donald Cameron, Winston Fitzgerald, Jerry Holland, Buddy MacMaster and more legendary players.

The Cape Breton Symphony Fiddlers formed in 1974 as a part of the weekly TV series The John Allan Cameron Show. The group featured some of the best Cape Breton fiddlers. Some of the choice marches, jigs, reels and strathspeys from their many albums are on this CD.

Foreword by Bobby Brown; Trip To Windsor; Dr. Keith Of Aberdeen; Wilfred's Fiddle; Flowers Of Edinburgh; Glencoe; Joys Of Wedlock; Picnic Reel; Glen Cottage; Antigonish; Jabe Meadow; Lime Hill; Old Man Dillon; The Wind That Shakes The Barley; The Lad Wi The Plaidie; Ariel; Kennedy Street; The Cape Breton Symphony's Visit To The Shetlands; J. Scott Skinner; Margaret Chisholm; Trip To Mabou Ridge; Cathkin Braes; Anthony's Bridge; The Thistle; The Mill Burn.

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Scots music, traditional music, fiddling music.

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