Three Peace Sweet - Lightning Touches



Lightning Touches is a great first album from an exciting group from Orkney, Three Peace Sweet. Imaginative and energetic tunes with haunting melodies, foot-tapping with heart-breaking, traditional with contemporary, cover versions with original compositions. 

The band consists of Phil Anderson (keyboards, programming, vocals), Stewart Shearer (guitars, percussion, vocals), Alan Peace (bass, vocals), Raymond Peace (pipes, vocals), Davie Miller (pipes, vocals), Andy Cant (fiddle, pipes, vocals), and Duncan Peace (drums, percussion). 

Svendborg Session; In The Reel Mood; Farewell To Stromness; Greenlands; Grasp The Thistle; Reggaelia; Lonely Scapa Flow; Whit Like? Dead Right!; Sandy's Search; Nips & Tatties; Dancing In The Isles.

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