The Songs Of Sandy Wright



The Songs Of Sandy Wright 

Sandy Wright, a longtime underground hero in his native Edinburgh, latterly championed by the likes of Eddi Reader and folk/pop favourites Aberfeldy, was last year nominated as Composer of The Year at the Scot's Trad Music Awards.

"Sentimental, caustic & comic - one of Scotland's most highy regarded songwriters.." Mojo.

This Old House; Beads & Feathers; My Shining Star; Whisky Moon; Hotel Caledonia; Happy Pills; 53rd State of America; Whores & Bitches; Alligator Handbags; The Wonder of the World; In The Summertime; Tin Badge; Beads & Feathers; Tears of the Sun; Fourteen Hands; Steel & Stone; My Shining Star; Life's Too Short; Angel of Mercy; Can't Win Can't Lose; In The Summertime; Little Bird; Stoned Again; Silver Geese; All On A Summer's Morning; Hey Mama; Mary Cullen.

A two disc collection featuring recordings from Sandy Wright and a disc of covers from mainstay Navigator Records artists like Kris Drever, Roddy Woomble, Chris Wood & Karine Polwart.

Encompassing twelve years' worth of material, The Songs of Sandy Wright spans the epic and the intimate, the outlandish and the everyday, the comical and the quietly scathing. Wright's gritty, pawky, long-distilled genius resonates so widely that he can only usefully be likened to such freebooting legends as Tom Waits or Johnny Cash - but with a distinct Caledonian salting of Ivor Cutler and Michael Marra.

"I've tried out loads of different styles and ways of writing things in my time - and I still do," he says. "But basically what I do now, corny as it sounds, is just write about my own experiences, or things they spark off, folk I meet - I love people's stories. All the stories in those songs are kind of like my diary: there's a thread through them other people wouldn't necessarily recognise; all these little markers and bus-stops where I remember when and why I wrote them." As a chronicle of a life exceptionally well-told, The Songs of Sandy Wright is your introduction to a truly singular talent.

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