The House Band - Another Setting

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The House Band is a fresh and lively acoustic band. Supreme Celtic... via Playford, Africa, New Mexico, the Balkans! Another Setting features the talents of Ged Foley (vocals, guitar, mandolin, Northumbrian smallpipes), Chris Parkinson (melodeons, harmonica, accordion, vocals), John Skelton (flutes, bombardes, low bombarde, whistles) and Roger Wilson (vocals, fiddle, guitar).

"I thoroughly recommend this CD to anyone". Living Tradition Magazine.

Sadam's Reel / Kulsko Horo; The Rocky Road To Dublin; A Tankard Of Ale / The Lads Of Alnwick; William Taylor; Hanter Droiou; Alice; Jigjazz; The Setting; Grimstock; Tom Hark / African Market Place; The Slip Jigs and Reels; The Twin Katies.

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