The Highlander Collection Of Scottish Dances Vol. 1



An A4 book of instructions for over thirty Scottish Country dances by various devisers from around the world.

The Bonnie Beauly Blooms; Ghillie Laces; A Dog’s Breakfast; Shetland Quadrilles; Nethy Bridge; The Double Top Jig; Bellstane; The Clan Reel; Corrievreckan; The Salmonfield Poacher; Neko’s Reel; The Wedding Link; Good Friends; Kirkmaiden Strathspey; Dancing In 2000; The Queen’s View; Bryan And Nori’s Wedding; Widdershins; One For The Millennium; Langholm Fair; King O’ The Rookery; Bruce & Margaret Urquhart; Muckle Burn; Mrs. Clancy’s Strathspey; The Viking Ship; Whistlin’ In The Kitchen; St. Margaret’s Inch; Bean Shee Fancy; Lady In Red; A Birl Roond Forfar; Traquair House; Stuck In The Snow; Wearie Willie’s Reel.

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