The Dangleberries - Plugged In



The Dangleberries Bagpipe-Rock is now "Plugged In" with electrifying effects! Their big line-up creates a big sound on this, their third, album, and ensures they wow the crowds at Festivals.

Mungo Henderson (highland pipes), Fraser Henderson (highland pipes), Shonagh Henderson (highland pipes), Alan Ramage (bass, backing vocals), Ian Fenwick (guitar, backing vocals), Guy Bryson (drums, percussion), Tommy Cannon (congas), Paul Kirkwood (surdo), Annie Henderson (percussion), Andrew Smith (vocals).

Reality TV; It Never Ends; Pumped Up Kicks; Dog Ruff; More To This; Behind Closed Doors; Dakota; Festival Girl; Pressure Drop; Skunnert; Wishful Thinking; Fire; Tomorrow's Another Day.

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