The Corries - Spotlight On The Corries



Spotlight On The Corries is a collection of some of their most popular songs from the 1960s recordings on Philips. Great value CD with 23 tracks including the original recording of the Scottish rugby anthem 'Flower Of Scotland'. Digitally remastered and slip-cased, and with extensive new notes by John O'Regan.

Wild Rover; Roving Journeyman; Hills Of Ardmorn; Katie Bairdie/Oor Wee School; Ca The Ewes; Gallus Bloke; Highland Lament; Twa Corbies; The Lowlands Of Holland; Toon O Kelso; Haughs O Cromdale; Glenlyon Lament; Cruel Brother; The Bonnie Lass Of Fyvie; Ae Fond Kiss; Ring Back My Granny To Me/My Brother Bill's A Fireman; Kishmul's Galley; Johnny Lad; Sally Free And Easy; Lewis Bridal Song; Parcel O Rogues; The Road To Dundee; Will Ye Go Lassie Go.

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