The Campbells Of Greepe - No 2



The Campbells second release is another family affair featuring Sister and brother Kenna and Seumas Campbell, Kenna’s daughters Mary Ann and Wilma Kennedy and her niece Maggie Macdonald. They all come from the beautiful Isle Of Skye. Music and song are in their blood, and that is shown to great effect here by the family with accompaniment from Mary Ann Kennedy (piano, dulcitone), Finlay Wells (guitar), Lorne MacDougall (pipes, whistles), Euan Burton (bass), Allan Og MacDonald (percussion).

Na Puirt Cruinn; 'S Gann Gun Dirich Mi Chaoidh; A' Mhuc A Bh' Againn A's An Dig; Mo Chailin Donn Og; Na Bodaich; Horo Mhairi Dhubh; Ailein, Ailein, 'S Fhad An Cadal; Seinn Iu Ro Bhinn Oho; Seinneam Cliu Nam Fear Ur; Na Gobhair, Seoc 'S A' Chailleach; La Dhomh 'S A' Chuilthionn Chreagach; Bai U Oho Gille Beag O; Na Coireachan; Seinneam Cliu Nam Fear Ur.

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