Tayside Young Fiddlers - Finely Tuned



Finely Tuned is not just the name of the album from the Tayside Young Fiddlers but is reflective of the skill and maturity of these young players. The recording features, amongst others, the under 12 Scottish Fiddle Champion of 2001, and the Junior and the Senior Scottish Fiddle Champions. This is an inspiring album full of Scottish, Irish, Shetland, Canadian and jazz tunes in supreme style.

Four String Polka; Pet of The Pipers; George Smith Solo; Swedish Tunes; Petronella; March Selection; Sophie Sneddon Solo; Irish Selection; Shetland Set; Jennifer Watson Solo; Take V; Shetland Reels; Irish Jigs; Ingrid Hammond Solo; Highland Cathedral Medley; Canadian Reels; Wonderland Medley; Hamnataing Set.

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