Taynuilt Gaelic Choir - Fo Sgail Beinn Cruachain



Fo Sgail Beinn Cruachain has a varied programme of songs and tunes showcasing the Taynuilt Gaelic Choir's versatility. Solos, duets and the full choir perform traditional and more recent songs including a Runrig track given a very different feel.

Nuair Bha Mi 'Na Mo Mhaighdinn; Ceol Nan Cruinneag; Gragach Og An Fhuilt Bhain; Skyeman's Jig; Caol Muile; Tilidh Mi; 'S Math A Dhannsadh Uisdean Friseal; Ceol Nan Teud; Air Fail-Ail-Ail O; Argyllshire Gathering; Gleann Eite; Salm 117; Cumha Coire Cheathaich; U-Bhi A-Bhi.

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