Tannahill Weavers - Orach: The Golden Anniversary Album



Not many bands sustain their popularity for long enough to release a Golden Anniversary Album, but that is exactly what this CD from the Tannahill Weavers is. Órach: the word for golden in Gaelic is an album of traditional Scottish music played with modern drive and dynamism.

Roy Gullane, Phil Smillie, John Martin and Lorne MacDougall, with colleagues and members past and present make this an extra-special album as befits a celebration of 50 years!

Órach; Jenny A' Things; Christichurch Cathedral; The Jeannie C; Northern Lights; Oh No; Sunset Over The Somme; Fragment Of A Scottish Ballad; The Asturian Sessions; The Ghost Of Mick McDonnell; Piper Major Duncan Nicholson; Jessie The Floo'er O' Dunblane; The Battle Of Sheriffmur; The Gordon Duncan Set.

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