Tanglefoot - Full Throated Abandon CD



Tanglefoot's exhilarating, vigorous style is shown off to great effect on this CD - aptly titled Full Throated Abandon. The high-impact five-piece band from Ontario, Canada that is making waves across Canada, USA and Britain with their huge vocal sound, and exciting performances. Their music has an unmistakable sound, with tight instrumentals and harmonic vocals. Contemporary Canadian folk at full power.

Joe Grant (fiddles, banjo & vocals), Al Parrish (Bartlett bass & vocals), Steve Ritchie (guitar,whistle & vocals), Rob Ritchie (piano & vocals), Francis Skrzeszewski (mandolin, banjo, slide guitar, harmonica & vocals).

One More Night; Seven A Side; Emmeline; Jenny Wren; Let The Piper Play; McCurdy's Boy; Stubborn Old Heart; The Baldoon Coose; Minnie's Lullaby; Pouring Days; The Angel Of Long Point; The Floating Bridge Of Ennismore; Buxton; Paper Dragon.

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