Stevie Lawrence - Standing Alone



Stevie Lawrence is an ex-member of Iron Horse - this album showcases his talents as a multi-instrumentalist, arranger and composer.

Stevie Lawrence has been actively involved in the Scottish Traditional and Roots music scene since the mid 1980s coming to prominence as a member of Iron Horse. Since leaving the band he has toured and recorded with many of Scotland’s leading roots bands and musicians as well as producing and recording for TV, Radio and commissioned projects.

Standing Alone is his first solo album. The tracks reflect important musical influences, people and places from his career. Future projects include a new album with Iron Horse, recording, production and live work with Wendy Weatherby, The Mick West Band, John Wright, Angus Lyon, Prog rock band Abel Ganz, Chris Armstrong, Ross Kennedy and Canterach.

The Academy Boys; The Comet Jig; Scottish Gothic; Banklands; Psycho Magnet; McBridges; Hedgehope Hill; Mega Jig Set; Piddley 2-Step; Soon; Maid Behind The Bar; The Joker; Pearce Lodge; The Stobieside Lodge; Hardington Mains; South Park House Jigs; Southpark House; Border Spirit.

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